Traffic Feed Format

A universal format to exchange live traffic updates

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A universal format for live traffic information

If you need to exchange live traffic information and are looking for a format to do that, TraFF is what you need. Designed to work with any app, any map and in any language, TraFF is the universal format to distribute traffic updates to your users, or receive crowdsourced traffic reports.



Carrier agnostic

Over a network connection, locally between applications, via a peer-to peer channel of your choice or whatever you can think of—TraFF works over virtually any digital communications channel, as long as it is capable of transmitting Unicode text.


Moderate bandwidth requirements

Even where bandwidth is limited, TraFF will not let you down. With messages typically between 0.5–1 kByte in size, delivery rates of around 5 messages per second can be achieved on a 2G mobile connection.


Fully machine-parseable

TraFF was built to be easy for machines to interpret. Events can be expressed by any combination of roughly 500 predefined event codes and around 200 qualifier codes. There is hardly a traffic situation that TraFF cannot represent.


Language neutral

Your users will understand you even if they speak a different language. Because TraFF relies entirely on predefined event codes and not on freeform text, messages can be presented in any language, without losing any detail.


Map neutral

TraFF can represent any location and any stretch of road on earth. Locations are described by a set of coordinates, optionally enhanced with road class, road number or road name. Neither you nor your users are bound to a particular map.


Well-established data format

TraFF is an XML-based format. Parsing TraFF is as simple as integrating an XML parser of your choice. The descriptive text format makes debugging easy.

Apps with TraFF Support


The Swiss pocket knife of navigation, available for most popular mobile and desktop operating systems.


Receives TMC messages and forwards them to other applications.


Receives traffic messages from the Internet and forwards them to other applications.

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